December 16, 2015 Jason Kettlestrings

New Video category being tested by YachtVid

While editing a full tour video for the 66″ Selene Ocean Trawler we kept coming back to one particular drone shot.  It was the second to last drone shot from that day.  We watched this clip initially to discover the perfect sections to add to the full tour video for the yacht broker who represents this yacht for sale, Hampton Yacht Group.  What happened though is that we kept watching the video clip over and over just because it was simply beautiful.  YachtVid exists because we are mesmerized by boats and this clip did some mesmerizing on us.  The opportunity to watch the Escapade from an eagle’s point of view was relaxing and a perfect way to punch out for a few minutes.  We were also studying the video to critique our drone operating and there is very little to complain about during this long shot.

So the decision was made to make a publishable video for the YachtVid YouTube channel, which we did just today.  See it here.  Selene 66′ one take running shot.   As we move forward into 2016 our drone, dubbed YachtVid1 will be seeing more and more action.  If the response to the one shot Selene 66′ video is good we will continue to make extended running shots videos like that as a channel feature.

Please give us your feedback on a video like this.  We’re going against the tide in this age of A.D.D. but hope that our viewers – and buyers! – will enjoy the opportunity to get lost in their thoughts and dreams as they watch this.

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