Bellingham Marine Store Closes.

The Pacific Marine Exchange and Art Gallery which has was started and run by Mike and Mary Kimmich has closed.  Since Jason spent so much time there we decided to make a video as a remembrance.


California River Delta video from one of our subscribers.

One of our most recent YouTube subscribers is California Delta Maps.  When we get a new subscriber we like to send a little note to say hello and thank you.  Invariably we will check out some of their videos.  The following video called “The faces of the California Delta” is one such video.  It’s really well produced and interesting.  It features, among others, a mailman who delivers mail by boat.  That alone makes it worth a look.  The video only had 4 views and with your help maybe we can bump that up a bit.  If’ you’ve got three minutes check this out and if you like it, give it a thumbs up.


It’s possible that the Channel California Delta Maps saw our Delta video which is a lot less wholesome than their video but we are glad they joined us.  Below is the Delta being enjoyed by more people.


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