May 11, 2015 Jason Kettlestrings

Busy weeks ahead. Upcoming projects on the West Coast.

It’s going to be a handful but we have a lot of business coming up in the coming weeks.

First off is a project for NWExplorations.  They run a charter operation that boasts a superb fleet of Grand Banks Yachts and are kicking off the 2015 summer cruising season with a bare boat flotilla to Alaska.  We are going to make a video for them that highlights the wonders of cruising to such a pristine area of the world and at the same time answers some frequently asked questions from their charter guests.  The story we are most hoping to show and tell is the experience of  “shedding off the burdens of everyday life” by the lucky guests who will be venturing forth from Bellingham Bay on May 18’th.

Read up on the flotilla here.  2015 MOTHER GOOSE TO ALASKA.

Next up is a brand new model from Horizon Yachts. The V80.  This is a 20 knot cruise speed yacht with ample room for entertaining and relaxing.  If you have not already SUBSCRIBE to YachtVid’s youtube channel so you don’t miss any of these videos when they are released.  Check out some more information about the new V80 here.  PASSAGEMAKER MAGAZINE ON THE V80

After that we have an interesting listing by James Nason at the San Diego office of Fraser Yachts in San Diego.  It is an 80′ power catamaran that has well over 100k nm under her keel.  We hope to expose this listing, tell her story and find a buyer.  This is an under appreciated offering on the market and we hope to change that.  Find out what you can about MOANA HERE and once again SUBSCRIBE to yachtvid on youtube so you don’t miss the informative and entertaining action yacht video of this adventure yacht when it is ready to be published.  You will be the first of your friends to see it!

Alexander Marine USA just took in a super clean 64′ Ocean Alexander at their San Diego office and we will be filming that as well.  Check it out of YachtWorld here OCEAN ALEXANDER 64 IN SAN DIEGO

Last but certainly not least is a 50′ Maritimo.  Wait until you see the master cabin in this fast and rugged sport yacht.  Listed for sale by Maritimo dealers Hampton Yacht Group.  Get the specs here:  50′ MARITIMO.