Jason Kettlestrings is the man at the helm of YachtVid.  A brief taste of the cruising lifestyle at the age of thirteen was all it took for him to know that being in, on and around boats was where he wanted to be.

He sold his car and traded the midwest for the high seas of the North Atlantic directly after high school graduation.  On the thinnest of leads he flew to the Azore Islands in hopes of landing a crew position on a boat heading to the Caribbean.  It happened to be the Festival de la Mer on Horta and consequently had to sleep rough in the bushes because of lack of hotels for a few nights.  The owners of Peter’s Cafe were nice enough to let him stash his bags behind the counter while he walked from table to table asking for a crew position.  The first and possibly only offer for a crew position was eagerly accepted.  Was it a high end powerful sailboat heading to Antigua that took him on?  No, it was a 32’ wooden sailboat with a homemade mast that was limping back to England with four people aboard.  His choice was an blue water passage across the North Atlantic or to fly back home to the midwest.  There was no question, he took the crew position.

In all Jason has sailed roughly 50,000 nautical miles so far and hopes to do much more with his wife of 21 years Deirdre.  His passion for the adventure and awe of the oceans has been the driving force of his subsequent career choices.  Although the following is not a cruising adventure per se he and his wife with their two small children did a working/travel adventure for two and a half years in their converted school bus. They followed and worked for a company called Columbia Helicopters where they travelled up and down the mountain roads of the American West. It reminded Jason of the elements of cruising that he loved so much; self sufficiency, sense of wonder at the natural world and the best feeling of all which is the feeling of smallness in a very large world.

Jason worked as a yacht broker then started his own brokerage with two colleagues.  In 2008 Jason sold his yacht brokerage and started YachtVid.  YachtVid’s stated goal is to help yacht brokers do three things simultaneously; sell boats faster, get better listings and to build their brand. The timing of starting a new video content business for yacht brokers at the lowest point in the recession was not lost on Jason.  He figured it was a great time to hone his skills and to seek out the forward thinking brokerages.  Over the years he went from begging to film boats for free to capturing compelling images of the world’s top yachts.

Jason will bring his passion for the sea and the art of cinematography to create a compelling movie that will move your prospects to action.

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